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Robert Plant, Delta Magazine cover by Cynthia-Blair Robert Plant, Delta Magazine cover :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 2 28 Symbol Meanings In Trapped by Cynthia-Blair Symbol Meanings In Trapped :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 1 0 Runes Meanings by Cynthia-Blair Runes Meanings :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 2 2 Runes used in Snape: Sectumsempra by Cynthia-Blair Runes used in Snape: Sectumsempra :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 6 30 Max in the mirror by Cynthia-Blair Max in the mirror :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 11 0 Jimmy Page vector illustration by Cynthia-Blair Jimmy Page vector illustration :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 7 6 Carl Palmer, signed by Cynthia-Blair Carl Palmer, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 1 0 Caleb Turman, signed by Cynthia-Blair Caleb Turman, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 15 21 Jack's Mannequin, signed by Cynthia-Blair Jack's Mannequin, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 4 3 Andrew McMahon, signed by Cynthia-Blair Andrew McMahon, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 5 5 Speak Friend and Enter by Cynthia-Blair Speak Friend and Enter :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 3 15 Halvo, signed by Cynthia-Blair Halvo, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 9 3 VersaEmerge, signed by Cynthia-Blair VersaEmerge, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 13 2 Owl City comics by Cynthia-Blair Owl City comics :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 15 2 Travis Clark, signed by Cynthia-Blair Travis Clark, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 8 23 Hunter, signed by Cynthia-Blair Hunter, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 5 6 Alex Gaskarth, signed by Cynthia-Blair Alex Gaskarth, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 26 16 Jack Barakat, signed by Cynthia-Blair Jack Barakat, signed :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 17 14 white Flower by Cynthia-Blair white Flower :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 11 10 Charlize 4 by Cynthia-Blair Charlize 4 :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 0 0 Charlize 3 by Cynthia-Blair Charlize 3 :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 2 0 Charlize 2 by Cynthia-Blair Charlize 2 :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 84 50 Simple Secrets to Composition by Cynthia-Blair Simple Secrets to Composition :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 1 0
Emotional Content
Excerpts from Emotional Content: how to create paintings that communicate. by Gerald Brommer
Content is the communication of ideas, feelings, and reactions connected with the subject. When we look at a painting, its content is what is sensed rather than what can be analyzed.
Form vs. content:
1. Form involves drawing, design, composition and the subject matter, or physical aspects of the painting.
2. Content refers to the meaningful substance of the work – the spiritual or emotional aspects of painting.  It is the honest presentation of the artist’s concepts and the personal  communication of ideas, responses, spiritual convictions and individual convictions that describes emotional content.
The emotional content visually describes the message we wish to share with or communicate to others.
1. Selectivity: “What do I want to include in the painting?” “What do I want to show viewers about this place?” and
:iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 1 2


Klaudiaaa Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017
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Your work is so cool! Are you even human? :D
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You have incredible work in her gallery. Very cool.
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